Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Dodge Dart: A New Take On a Classic

Dodge has been doing its best to reach back into its illustrious past in order to build the future of their brands. For instance, they have revived such classics like the Charger and the Challenger. Now they are back with the 2013 Dodge Dart. This is a new spin on an already classic car. The 2013 Dodge Dart brings more convenience by adding new features which perfectly suit the new generation of car owners.
One of the best bonus features of this new model is the wireless charging for smartphones. It works for Android devices, Blackberry smartphones, and the IPhone. This is a new innovation in the market. As of right now, Dodge is the only company that has made this technological marvel available for a consumer car.
Mopar, a subsidiary company of Chrysler, is the one responsible for this innovation. They are usually in charge with developing parts, as well as providing services and customer care. Needless to say, this is another milestone for the company. However, this is not the first innovation for which they are responsible. The same company has also been responsible for developing a number of handy apps for Chrysler in the past. These would include vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots, car tracking, car information, as well as electronic vehicle manuals among many other handy innovations.

There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed about this new form of technology. This article will provide all the necessary information so that you have a better understanding of this car feature.
How It Works
The Dodge Dart's wireless smartphone charger is conveniently located at its front console. It is fitted into a specifically designed power bin. Power is passes through the rear end of the special case in order for your phone to be charged. It contains an electric grid that was especially designed for it. It also comes with a Bluetooth link. This is to eliminate the need for the device to be hardwired to the vehicle. One would notice that this system is quite different from the induction method typically used by standard charging systems for small hand-held devices like the smartphone.
Points for Improvement
Of course, much like any innovation at its early stages, this device still needs some improvement. For instance, it is not yet compatible with some lesser known hand-held devices. It can also limit the movement and use of the device being charged since charging only occurs on the pad itself. Later versions of this device need to deal with such issues if Dodge wants to stay ahead of its competition.
Additional Convenience
The need for easily damaged wired chargers has been effectively eliminated with this brand new feature from Dodge. It is also remarkable that it is compatible with mp3 players and other phones. This means that you no longer need multiple chargers for your various devices.
Thanks to this new innovation from Dodge, automotive features have reached another significant benchmark. This new version of an American classic is clearly worthy of its name.
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